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You’ll often find that the best pubs are hidden away just off the high street, and the Pub Dublin is no exception. The best thing about this pub, other than the relaxed atmosphere, are the outdoor areas, with beer gardens front and back perfect for sunny days and mild evenings.DUBLIN PUB Trebinje foto (1).jpg

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This place is one of the most popular cafe’s in Trebinje. It’s well decorated, the prices are affordable and the food is delicious.

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Good food, good wine, good beer, good people
It’s a friendly side street place where you can have a great meal, drink some good beer or maybe a glass of wine, meet with your friends and meet new people. The staff are friendly and you’ll always get service with a smile.

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Why you should visit it?
Everyone seems to know everyone here. This creates an intimate environment. The food is always good and tastes “home cooked“ and what’s making this place the Pub: many kinds of great draught beer. Here you can have a glass of wine in the evening or enjoy your coffee in the morning. The payment system is very convenient too.
Whether you want to use the Wi-Fi, catch up with some friends or just chill alone, this is the place where you want to go.

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Why locals love it?
When it’s warm, this place offers probably one of the best terraces in the town, it is spacious and hidden in a nice courtyard. Here they serve really delicious food which may be perfectly combined with wines. Locals love it for its amazing atmosphere, good diverse music and nice interiors.
The place is not excessively posh and feels cozy and friendly. There’s enough space for those who like to dance and a wide selection of beer and food.






Excellent food for relatively low prices

This pub is loved by locals due to variety of tasty food and drinks. The food is tasty, the prices are reasonable, and choice is wide, so everyone can find something according to his/her taste.
Great choice of wines, beer, juices and delicious plates at affordable prices will make you a fan of this place. It is really friendly and simple. Food is cheap and portions are very big.
Plus, they regularly change their menu, so you can always try something new.

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Pub „DUBLIN“ Trebinje.

+387 (0)66 220 210

+387 (0)65 300 399

+387 (0)65 65 461 443

Special tip

Romantic and stylish place where time flies! I think this place’s athmosphere is worth every penny.
Drop in if you’re nearby!

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