Apartments PRAVICA

Apartment Pravica is located in Trebinje, in Dražin Do, nearby Aqua Park „The City of the Sun“. It has a magnificient view of Helen of Anjou Castle and Tvrdos Monastery.

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Apartment Pravica consists of two accommodation units equipped with free WI-FI and a flat-screen TV.

Each accommodation unit has its own bathroom. Bathrooms are equipped with towel dryers, automatic hand dryer, towels and toiletries.

Kitchen is equipped with a stove and kitchen utensils.

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Here, you can enjoy in the garden. Children can play with toys available in the garden. You can also make yourself barbecue for your family. High quality Hercegovian specialities can be served for breakfast. We can provide taxi service, rant-a-car, tourist guide and rent-a-bike.

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Free parking is available.


 The apartment is situated in an attractive location nearby Aqua Park and Dino Park, the new Herzegovinian attraction within the complex „The City of the Sun“.


You will be welcomed and comfortably accommodated by friendly hosts.

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