There is no bad between domestic honey, because the honey represents a substance that is created in the digestive tract of the bees, which practically produce a cure for human consumption. Honey can be bad in cases where it is produced in industrial plants, and in the case of uneducated beekeepers. In Herzegovina, that cannot be the case, because beekeeping is a historic craft, which has always been practiced among the local population, all in order to facilitate the submission of severe environmental conditions and natural boosting of inhabitants’ immunity. Nowadays, the modern history offers that gift of nature to casual visitors, who, for some 8 EUR / 1 kg, can buy certainly one of the best quality honeys in the area of Southeast Europe.

There is a wide range of varieties, and it is possible to taste and buy a great variety of honey products, which are divided by type into: flower honey, which mostly comes from the flowers of various plants, and honeydew which is nothing more than a sweet liquid that insects eject as food surplus, feeding on the juice of the plant on which it is located. Herzegovinian flower honey is easily distinguished by color, taste and other characteristics, and only some of the most popular types are named after plants from which they originate: sage, acacia, linden, winter savory, chestnut, and many others.